Planning A Company Retreat?

Nothing can bring a team together better than a company retreat.  But where can you go where there aren’t too many distractions, plenty of room and plenty of things to do after meetings and team-building?

The Rogue River House!

This vacation house has enough room to sleep 10 people – 12 if you include the private cabin that’s located on the property.  With everything needed for putting together meals and the beautiful Rogue River flowing by, your employees will think you’ve taken them to an oasis far from their workday world.  And if you do have any presentations to show, you’ll appreciate the 110″ projector screen television that comes down from the ceiling.  Even if you’re not planning on having presentations, it’s perfect for getting the crew together for a movie night.

If you’re looking for a beautiful vacation house, the Rogue River House is just what you’ve been looking for.  And if you’re looking for someplace for your company retreat, the Rogue River House has you covered there as well!


  1. Mr. Hill says:

    This place looks awesome! I’m looking forward to staying here. The rooms look absolutely beautiful and the views are phenomenal!

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